Strong Portfolio Process® A Proactive Approach to Investing

John saw his work in developing this exclusive offer as an opportunity to redesign how investments operate in client portfolios.

We viewed the development of the Strong Portfolio Process® as an opportunity to redefine how investments are managed within client portfolios.

Having a strategy that adapts to market conditions, rather than merely enduring the inherent fluctuations of investing, provides greater peace of mind and enables our clients to Live a Life Well Invested®. We consider this essential.

Since its inception in 2009, our approach to investing has been proactive. This means that your portfolio positions are continuously monitored and adjusted — not merely on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We believe this active management is a straightforward way to safeguard investments against the volatility typical of traditional buy-and-hold strategies. For our clients, this proactive approach translates to the potential of reduced risk and increased returns.

Strong Predictive Planning®

Careful evaluation of current and future plans lets you know where you’re at so you can confidently move forward.

Strong Portfolio Process®

Proactive management of your investment portfolio leaves you well protected and helps you build your wealth.

Strong Personal Protection®

Thoughtful insurance of your personal and corporate assets gives you peace of mind and additional well being.

The Core Principles of Strong Portfolio Process®:

  • Understanding that traditional buy-and-hold strategies are not as effective in today's volatile market, we have developed a dynamic strategy. This approach involves monitoring portfolios more frequently and rigorously to help you steer clear of the market’s worst-performing days.
  • By employing statistical analysis and enhancing our investment selection process, we can identify repeatable patterns that indicate a high likelihood of future success. This strategy informs us about which investments to acquire, which to sell, and, most crucially, which to avoid.

Our extensive experience since 1982 as financial advisors has led us to recognize the need for a shift in traditional investment strategies. With the Strong Portfolio Process®, the proactive management of your portfolio can not only offer better protection but also enhance your prosperity.